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Her background is mysterious
and generally unknown. She has great potential in summoning Chaotes and incanting different types of Mana. Instead of using her sword the Mortal Blood as a sword, she uses it as a medium and a shield.

Sedha Siethei .

Centuries ago, Sedha was a normal boy who lived in a small village dedicated to protecting the Mortali Caetra. When a horrible monster invaded, he was overtaken by it and changed into the Incubic Demi-mortal he is now. He's outwardly dark but inside he holds very true to his goals and loyalties.


At one time, she was Evari's best friend in Ryukage Clan, but left on her own. She's a "Tea Kettle Genie." Half Human and Half Djinn. Though sometimes rash, she cares a lot about her friends and will sacrifice anything for them.
Picking on Renji is one of her favorite past-times.


He is very much like Sedha, having been a mortal boy at one time and changed into something else. He seems to struggle between good and evil, as if he were perhaps controlled by a stronger force from within.


A little girl who lived by herself in the Phantom Woods, whose only family were the many flocks of Pyo who aided her and took care of her. For her age, she is very wise, yet at times her sanity can be questionable.


She is the Seer of fates who is Seht's apparent partner. She has a deep love for him, and although not physical due toher illness, she does anything she can for him and takes care of him.


A Kyun girl from Azurei. At one time, she was remarkable with bow and arrow, until she lost her right arm and eye in an attack on Azurei. She is very stubborn and cold.


A succubus controlled by the Darker side of Seht. She is very dangerous and has skills in manipulating her appearance to look like anybody she chooses to, as long as its female.


The leader of the Unagi village. She is a talented cleric and blesser.

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A very old guardian of Mortali information. He is one of the strongest and wisest of his kind, and has a deep love for Evari, but is almost always unable to express it. His Death triggered the 13th relic to awaken in Evari.

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A kyun Mortali hunter who became friends with Sedha in his travels. He is always smiling or joking, and has a slightly perverted side. He's extremly fast and has mastered his Kyun Ability to change into his Omega form.

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He is also friends with Sedha, Lash, and Rehn. He is usually lazy and doesn't appear to have much talent but sometimes shows some hidden potential.

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One of the last remaining Archelin. (Demon types) He travels with Sedha, Lash, and Renji to benefit himself though he has become rather fond of their friendship. He never talks about his past or his reveals his true intentions.

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The slightly preturbed, senile leader of Azurei. His real name is unknown.

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In the legends of the Mortali, he was a boy who absorbed all the evil of those from the past and became the ultimate evil, but was killed by Kaos.

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In Mortali Legend, he was the hero who put an end to Sefirin, and killed himself after for losing his beloved, Aeyn.

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A fair lady of mysterious lineage. She was loved by all she met, and fell in love with the one who protected her.

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A boy who grew up outside of Azurei village in the Phantom woods. He became best friends with Kyza but through a misunderstanding, she grew to call him her enemy.

More to come later ~



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